In Washington State there are a variety of insurance options for people living with life-threatening chronic illnesses. Though not a complete list, these options are the most common:

COBRA is the continuation of group health benefits when a person leaves a job for the employee and/or their dependents. Generally, people can purchase these group benefits for up to 18 months after leaving their job, but in some cases can extend the COBRA coverage for 18 or 36 months.  EHIP can only pay for COBRA policies in effect before January 1, 2014. 

Group Insurance
A group plan is insurance issued to a group, such as an employer, for the benefit of employees. Group policies provide coverage for individuals. Often, they will also provide coverage for dependants.

Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities (HWD)
HWD is a program that allows people to keep their Medicaid benefits when they return to work. In fact, HWD exists for that purpose — to encourage people with disabilities to return to work.

Individual Insurance
Individual Health Insurance is health coverage which individuals can purchase directly from an insurance company to cover themselves and their family.

Medicare:  Medicare Advantage Part C Plans and Part D Plans
Medicare Advantage Part C Plans with Prescription Drug benefits (MA-PD’s) are Medicare plans that cover both medical services and medicines.  If your MA-PD meets specific criteria, Evergreen can pay the premium.  Medicare Part D plans (also called Prescription Drug Plans or PDPs) are plans through private insurance companies for drug coverage only.  EHIP also can pay your PDP premiums. 

Qualified Health Plans in the Health Benefit Exchange
People who are over-income for Expanded Medicaid (Washington Apple Health) are eligible to enroll into insurance on the Washington State Health Benefit Exchange if they do not qualify for any other type of insurance (i.e. Medicare, or group policy).  People apply online through the HBE's Website:

Washington State Health Insurance Pool (WSHIP)
WSHIP is a high-risk pool that provides health insurance coverage to people living in Washington State who have been denied individual health insurance. At present, however, WSHIP is closed to new subscribers.