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What can Evergreen do for me?

  • We can pay your insurance premiums so that you can keep your existing insurance or COBRA.
  • If you do not have insurance, we can work with you and/or your case manager to help you enroll.
  • We can help you find answers to your insurance questions.

Is Evergreen an insurance company?

  • No. Evergreen does not sell insurance or pay any claim-related costs.

How is Evergreen funded?

  • Evergreen receives state funding from the Washington State AIDS Omnibus Act and federal funding from the Ryan White Care Act Part B. Both funds go first to the Washington State Department of Health, who contracts with Lifelong AIDS Alliance to run Evergreen.

Is there a wait list to get into Evergreen?

  • There is no wait list for Evergreen, but you must be qualified to enroll.

What kinds of insurance will Evergreen pay for?

Evergreen can pay for:

There are some limitations
All policies must also meet our cost-effective criteria.

I don't have insurance. Can Evergreen help me get insurance?

  • There are a variety of insurance options and health care public programs available. Evergreen insurance advocates are happy to help you determine what plans you qualify for, and help you with the application process. Please contact us at 206-323-2834 (King Co.) or 1-800-945-4256 (outside of King Co.) for assistance.

Can Evergreen pay for more than one insurance plan at a time?

  • Evergreen can pay only the premium for your primary insurance. Some existing clients with Medicare may have more than one type of insurance that we can pay for. Feel free to contact an Evergreen insurance advocate to find out if your plans qualify for Evergreen to pay your premiums.

Do I have to pay anything to Evergreen?

  • There is no cost to the client for Evergreen services.

I don't have a case manager — can Evergreen help me with my insurance forms?

  • You do not have to have a case manager to access Evergreen.
  • If you are eligible for our program, an insurance advocate will gladly meet or speak with you to help you apply for and understand your insurance options.
  • Even if you do not qualify for our assistance in paying your premiums, Evergreen staff will be happy to try and help you get the information you need.

Are Evergreen insurance advocates (staff) case managers?

  • No. While insurance advocates work closely with case managers whenever possible and are frequently aware of clients' other issues, they are not qualified to advocate or counsel in areas outside of insurance such as housing, nutrition, personal finance, emotional/psychological, or legal matters.

Can Evergreen reimburse me directly?

  • No. Evergreen can only pay billed premiums on qualified plans. By law, we cannot reimburse individuals.

Does Evergreen pay medical co-pays, prescriptions co-pays, or annual deductibles?

  • No. Evergreen pays insurance premiums only.
  • However, other Washington State Department of Health programs can pay some prescription co-pays and some deductible costs for their clients with insurance.
  • The Washington State Department of Health does not pay medical co-pays for clients with insurance coverage but may pay for specific doctor/medical expenses, up to $1000, in the deductible period.

What If I don't qualify for any insurance?

  • If you qualify, some Washington State Department of Health programs can pay for specific prescriptions and medical expenses. See the DOH website for more information.