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How do I get Evergreen to pay for my group plan premium at work?

  • You must meet certain eligibility requirements and apply for Evergreen's assistance.
  • You must make arrangements with your company’s department that handles medical benefit deductions. Usually, this will be the Human Resources (HR) or finance department. Ask these departments to stop deducting premiums from your paycheck and to begin accepting payment directly from Evergreen. Evergreen cannot reimburse you for this amount. Evergreen requires a letter from your employer on letterhead detailing that they can accept Evergreen payments for your portion of the premium. The letter also needs to state the monthly amount due, who Evergreen makes the check payable to, and the mailing address for the check.
  • We can pay only the premiums, or portion of premiums, for individuals enrolled in our program. We cannot pay for non-client spouses/partners or dependents.
  • It is your responsibility to notify Evergreen of any changes in your coverage at work that may affect your premiums.

What is COBRA?

  • COBRA is the acronym for Continuation of Benefits Requirement Act.
  • If you leave a job where you had health insurance, and your former employer had 20 or more employees, you are eligible for COBRA. You will be responsible for the premiums.

What is the COBRA election period?

  • The COBRA election period is the time between when you leave your job and the last possible day you can sign up to continue your benefits. This includes the amount of time your employer has to send you the forms (45 days) and the time you have to fill them out and mail them back (60 days). This gives you time to complete the EHIP application and have Evergreen pay your COBRA premiums without losing any coverage.

What happens when my COBRA ends?

  • We will work with you as your COBRA is ending to help you enroll in other coverage available to you.
  • Please note that Evergreen is no longer paying for new COBRA plans. People newly eligible for COBRA need to instead enroll in a Qualified Health Plan through the Exchange.

What is WSHIP?

  • The Washington State Health Insurance Pool (WSHIP) is Washington State’s high-risk pool available for anyone who is denied coverage under other plans due to their health.

I have WSHIP. What is my coverage?

  • WSHIP is a comprehensive health coverage which can vary somewhat depending on the plan you are enrolled in. You can go to the WSHIP website to find out answers to specific questions regarding your benefits and/or the medications that are covered.