FAQ | How to Apply to Evergreen

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What is required with an Evergreen application?

  • If you are eligible you will need to complete the “New Enrollment/New Payable” application and submit it to Evergreen. The type of insurance you are applying for or already have will dictate what type of documentation Evergreen will require. The following is a list of required documentation based on each insurance type.
    • COBRA: Summary of Benefits and a bill.
    • Group Insurance: Summary of Benefits for insurance plan and letter from employer on letterhead stating that Evergreen checks can be accepted for premium payments, monthly premium amount due (which is the employee’s portion of the premium owed), who to make check out to, and where to mail the check.
    • Healthcare for Workers’ with Disabilities: a bill.
    • Individual Insurance: a bill (Summary of Benefits may also be required depending on plan).
    • Medicare Part D Plan: a bill.
    • Qualified Health Plan in the Health Benefit Exchange: person must link to an Evergreen Insurance Advocate as their “navigator” in the Exchange and have selected a plan.
    • WSHIP: not applicable as WSHIP is not accepting new enrollees.

Why do you need a copy of a bill from my insurance company? Why can't you just call them?

  • Although we try to talk to insurance companies when possible, many companies will only share information with you, the plan holder. The bill will also show us the exact information we need when sending the payments.

How long does it take to process an application? I have a premium that is due right now.

  • We begin processing applications within 48 hours of receiving them. If the application is complete, your application will be processed within two weeks.
  • If you have an urgent need, please let us know. We will make every effort to expedite your application. You can call to give us a heads up, or include a note with the application.
  • It is very important that you follow all instructions carefully and send a complete application with all required materials. An incomplete application can delay processing time for several weeks or more.

Do I need to renew my application to Evergreen every year?

  • No, although Evergreen may send out a short questionnaire asking you to update your information. However, some EHIP eligibility requirements must be renewed annually.  Contact us for more information: 206-323-2834 (King County), 1-800-945-4256 (toll-free, outside of King County) or email us at ehip@ehip.org.